Fran Tarkenton: Josh Freeman is “god-awful”

josh freeman

Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton was very criticial of Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman during an appearance on 620 WDAE.

“They’ve had him there for four years and they have question marks about you?’’ Tarkenton said, via “You didn’t have question marks about Matt Ryan after his fourth year or Joe Flacco. That means they don’t think he can play. He’s not going to get magical and all of the sudden in the fifth year be Aaron Rodgers. They want (Glennon) to be able to play. The only thing that will keep him from playing is if he’s not able to learn the system and make plays.’’

He says it’s obvious the Bucs don’t believe in Freeman.

“You’ve got to look at the signs,’’ Tarkenton said. “The signs never lie. The signs are reality. If you’re giving the rookie most of the reps, you want to see if he can play.’’

He pointed out that Freeman must be more consistent.

“He plays sometimes at a nice level,” Tarkenton said. “I’ve watched him a lot. He just plays god-awful. That’s who you are. It’s just a player being able to play or not play. Josh Freeman has proven to me that he can’t play.”

I think Tarkenton summed up how everyone views Freeman as an NFL quarterback.


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