Former Titans cheerleader charged with sexually assaulting a 12 year-old boy

ku-mediumFormer Tennessee Titans cheerleader Elizabeth Garner has been charged with sexually assaulting a 12 year-old boy.

Elizabeth L. Garner, who was reportedly intoxicated at the time, is accused of following the 12-year-old boy into a bathroom and attempting to perform oral sex on him, according to a Murfreesboro Police Department arrest report.

During the incident, Garner allegedly grabbed his penis on the outside of his pants and tried to take off his shorts, but the boy managed to get out of the bathroom before anything else occurred.

Garner claims that there was a misunderstanding and claims that she thought the boy was a man she had seen at the residence.

“Ms. Garner, who was advised of her miranda rights, stated that she was drunk that evening,” Roberts reported, “and that she got the boy confused with a man who also at the residence.”

Detectives then submitted all of the evidence, including her statements, to the March grand jury, which issued the indictment.

Garner, who was booked into the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center on a $30,000 bond, is now facing charges of aggravated sexual battery and solicitation of a minor for rape of a child.