Former Ravens center Matt Birk boycotts White House visit over abortion issue

Former Ravens Center Matt Birk told KFAN that he boycotted yesterday’s White House visit because of a comment that President Barack Obama made in support of abortion.

“I wasn’t there,” Birk told The Power Trip, via “I would say this, I would say that I have great respect for the office of the Presidency but about five or six weeks ago, our president made a comment in a speech and he said, ‘God bless Planned Parenthood.’”

Birk says abortion goes against his beliefs.

”Planned Parenthood performs about 330,000 abortions a year,” Birk explained. “I am Catholic, I am active in the Pro-Life movement and I just felt like I couldn’t deal with that. I couldn’t endorse that in any way.”

“I’m very confused by [the President’s] statement,” Birk questioned. “For God to bless a place where they’re ending 330,000 lives a year? I just chose not to attend.”

While I think what Birk did was silly, he has a right to his own opinion and can do what he pleases.