Former Raiders QB Andrew Walter offering alcohol, guns and tobacco for campaign donations

Former Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter is really going out of his way to accumulate some campaign donations in hopes of winning the republican primary in Arizona.

Andrew Walter, who played at ASU from 2001-2004, is hosting an “Evening of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms” Friday night at a gun club in Scottsdale. Contributors who buy the “expert package” at $1,000 each will get 250 rounds of ammunition and the chance to fire from three weapons. Those donating $250 get a single box of ammo for the opportunity to shoot a Glock 18, a handgun typically used by law enforcement.

So far it actually sounds like it’s helping Walter.

Donor response so far has been positive, said campaign manager Chris Tolino. “Arizona is a very strong Second Amendment state,” he said. “Firearm ownership and the outdoor lifestyle are very prominent out here.”