Former Jets special teams coach says the Tim Tebow experiment was an “absolute mess”

Former New York Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff made an appearance on the Joe Rose Show on 560 WQAM and didn’t hold back from giving his opinion how the Tim Tebow experiment didn’t work out.

Below are some highlights from the interview thanks to The Big Lead.

It was a mess. An absolute mess … I was very, very disappointed.

If you incorporate [Tebow] in different facets of your offense, I think he can be a factor. That’s what I felt we were going to do, but we never did. We would put him in for a play … I was expecting to see him line up in a couple roles … H-back, tight end … we didn’t do it.

My role with him was going to be 1%. But when Eric Smith got hurt, I had to use [Tebow] full-time. Most of the stuff he did for me, he did outstanding. But it was only supposed to be a fraction [of his overall duties].

I don’t think anyone has answered that question. I know we didn’t practice it in training camp … I’m still waiting for the unveiling.

It was a distraction, and really a shame. that’s a hard working young man.

It really is sad that the Jets didn’t know how to use Tebow because he certainly works hard.  But if he’s going to want to continue his NFL career, he’ll need to change positions.




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