Former Jets’ scout on Geno Smith “We’re not looking at a superstar here”

geno smith

It’s no secret that Geno Smith hasn’t had a great season, not even an average season. According to former Jets’ scout Joe Bommarito he may only ever amount to an average QB.

“The consensus was that he can be a decent quarterback, we’re not looking at a superstar here,” Bommarito said. “He can be a good quarterback – a solid one.”

“We knew it was going to take some time,” Bommarito said. “It is part of the process. There’s some pretty good quarterbacks who, in their second or third year, have pulled themselves up and have turned into good quarterbacks.”

Geno wasn’t expected to be a superstar QB when he was drafted, if he was he wouldn’t have fallen to the second round, however there are still plenty of chances to become a good QB that will football games.