Former Colts WR Marvin Harrison was dodging bullets on Saturday morning

According to,  former Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison was busy dodging bullets while trying to help a man who ran from his home after two men broke into his apartment and attempted to attack him.

he retired Indianapolis Colts wide receiver was steering his Ford F-350 pickup truck through Wynnefield Heights at about 3:20 a.m. when he was flagged down by a 38-year-old man who had just bolted out of an apartment on Ford Road near Monument Road, police sources told the Daily News.

The panicked man, clad in boxers, was fleeing two intruders who had just broken into his apartment.

He begged Harrison, 41, to call 9-1-1. Harrison allowed him to climb into the bed of the pickup.

The burglars darted outside, the sources said, and one pulled out a gun and fired twice in the direction of the truck.

Neither Harrison nor the fleeing apartment dweller was wounded, but a bullet apparently tore into one of Harrison’s tires, which went flat a short while later, the sources said.

The assailants fled in a dark-colored sedan.

Harrison currently lives in Philadelphia and has been linked to some gun violence in the past.  This time it looks like he was just trying to help a stranger.