Former Bills’ coach says Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to be replaced

Former Buffalo Bills tight ends coach Pete Metzelaars told the Buffalo News that the Bills need to replace quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick if they want to get better.

“I don’t want to throw Fitz under the bus, but you’ve got to get an answer at quarterback,” Metzelaars told me. “That’s got to be the No. 1 priority.”

Metzelaars says Fitzpatrick is an average to below average quarterback and I completely agree.

“If you have a dominating defense, you can get by with an average to below-average quarterback,” Metzelaars said. “If you don’t have a dominating defense, you need a winning quarterback in the NFL.

“Fitz is an average to below-average kind of guy, and unfortunately he made some bad decisions at the end of games and then didn’t make plays at the ends of other games we had chances to win. So it’s got to start there.”

I think Fitzpatrick is a great option as a back up quarterback that can come in and start 2-6 games if needed.  But he doesn’t have any business being a full-time NFL starter.