Floyd’s free fall leaves Vikings with a huge upside pick

sheriff floyd

More than two months after the 2013 NFL Draft, people still don’t seem to have a firm grasp on what caused defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd to drop to the Minnesota Vikings at the 23rd overall pick.

The Shutdown Corner Podcast‘s Greg Cosell gives his input.

“To me, you know that I felt [Floyd] was the best defensive tackle in the draft. I thought he was an incredibly explosive kid. I don’t know why he dropped.” He adds, “This kid is a quintessential three-technique.”

Doug Farrar from the same source theorizes, “People may have mis-diagnosed Floyd because he does so many things so well.”

It really sounds like the Vikings got a steal with the 23rd overall pick.

And we’ve seen it with players like Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, and many others, where being passed over in the draft motivates them to work even harder. Because of this, while often times first round talents don’t pan out because of a lack of work ethic, it seems unlikelier that this will happen to Floyd. Plus, playing his natural three-technique position (instead of being forced out of position to nose tackle) behind one of the best three-techniques of the past decade as a mentor couldn’t hurt, either.

It appears that Floyd was drafted into the perfect situation with the Minnesota Vikings, and barring some serious character issues, the rest of the league better watch out for Sharrif Floyd.


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    If you listened to Speilman, Floyd dropped because of the number of offensive linemen taken instead. Teams had other holes they felt needing filling first. Vikings were not going to take a DT in Rd1 until Sharrif fell. They got such steals from Floyd and Rhodes, more than made up for trading up for Patterson.

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