Fight broke out in Connecticut diner after someone yelled Aaron Hernandez’s name

According to the Harford Courant, a fight broke out in the early morning hours at the Gold Roc Diner after someone yelled out Aaron Hernandez’s name to a person who was likely his brother.

Someone shouted “Hey, Aaron Hernandez” after seeing a man the person thought looked like the former Patriots star and Bristolnative who was charged with murder last week, police said. A fight broke out, and two of the three people who were arrested as a result told police that they had been sitting with DJ Hernandez, Aaron Hernandez’s brother.


Two of the alleged combatants and a woman who had been sitting at a nearby table were injured, police said. All declined medical treatment.


Alberto Lopez, 30, of Blakeslee Street in Bristol; Jesus Agosto, 36, of Rocky Hill Avenue in New Britain and Thomas Miller, 30, of Iowa Street in Torrington were each charged with third-degree assault, breach of peace, and third-degree criminal mischief, police said. Each is scheduled to be arraigned in Superior Court in Hartford on July 11, police said.

The police concluded that the fight started over an incident of mistaken identity.

“It was determined that the fight started over a mistaken identity; someone thought they had seen Aaron Hernandez and shouted out ‘Hey, Aaron Hernandez,'” the release states.


Someone then yelled for the person to shut up, and the fight started. A woman was punched in the face and pushed to the floor, and Lopez and Miller were cut on their faces, police said.


Lopez and Miller told police that DJ Hernandez, Aaron Hernandez’s brother, had been sitting at a table with them but was not involved in the fight, Lt. Frank Fallon said.


Fallon said police “have no idea” if DJ Hernandez actually was in the diner at the time. If he was, he was gone before police arrived, he said.

Things are clearly tense up in the New England region after last week’s arrest of former Patriots tight end, who’s now facing charges of first degree murder.  His family might need to lay low for a while to try and help people in the area stay calm.



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