Fight broke out during the 49ers-Colts game (Video)

And the NFL wonders why people don’t want to attend games.  You have stupidness like this.

Check out the guy in the Reggie Wayne jersey throwing some love taps.  Give me a break.

[ Black Sports Online ]

  • Anonymous

    Im a niner fan and not justifying the colts fan, but the niner fans in front of me were harrassing the colts fan, that had a niner fan cousin. The niner fan told the other niner fans to calm down its just a game. It was not the colts fault but the niner fan. I was there seating behind the people that where harrassing the colts fan. They were harrassing another female fan.

  • Anonymous

    To the writer of this article: Based on your biased writing, you must be an East Coast writer or just not a 49er fan because the fights break out with football fans at nearly every game. Just because this one made Youtube, you can say how bad 49er fans are… how wonderful of your writing.