Falcons reportedly serious about trading up in the first round

falconslogoAccording to the National Football Post, the Atlanta Falcons are serious about trading up in the first round of next week’s draft.

The Falcons are serious about trading up in the draft for a couple of reasons. First, they believe they are close to being a championship team, and one player could make a difference. Second, teams that are interested in trading up are in a buyer’s market. Many more teams are interested in trading down than up. That means the Falcons could get a good value in a trade.

It makes sense for the Falcons to try and move up.  Their roster is already loaded, so they don’t need all of their draft picks.




  1. jim says

    The Falcons will likely trade up but how high and at what cost? Some folk think the Falcons should trade up well within the top 10 as they only need one or two more dynamic players to get to the SB. I would love to add Dee Milliner or Dion (forgot last name) defensive end from Oregon. I am just not sure that giving up what would surely be a LOT of draft picks would be the best way to go. The Falcons still need a run stuffing DT, LB, and top corner. With the price tag of trading up into the top 10 I think the Falcons will not have yhe draft picks to acquire wat they need.

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