Falcons interested in Channing Crowder

According to D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Falcons have contacted former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder.

Crowder seems excited about the idea of playing for the Falcons and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

“I’d love to play in Atlanta,” Crowder said. “Coach Nolan is my guy. Actually, when he got the job in Atlanta he [sent] me a text. Coach Nolan is a first class guy. I’m not just saying that to be politically correct. He’s a first class guy and a great defensive coordinator. He’s a great guy. When he I got released he texted me back then and said that ‘it was great to coach you.’”

Crowder has been exchanging text messages with Nolan.

“I told him if he needs a better linebacker let me know,” Crowder said. “He texted me back and said ‘I’ll keep in touch.’ ”

Crowder retired last season because of some family issues.

“What happened was, the Dolphins released me the second day of camp,” Crowder said. “My wife was 37 weeks pregnant and I had to workout for the Patriots. Me and my agent [Joel Segal] were working on setting up some other workouts. When I went to New England, I felt funny leaving my wife.

“She couldn’t travel at 37 weeks. I would have went straight into camp and would have missed my son’s birth. He was born early term, like the next week, so I would have really missed his birth.”

Crowder is a solid linebacker, that might be a nice upgrade for the Falcons, if they decide to sign him.



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