Even Pocahontas believes the Redskins should change their name

Irene Bedard,  who played Pocahontas in the two Disney movies, told TMZ Sports that she strongly believes the Redskins should change their name.

It might finally be time for the Washington Redskins to fall back in the war over the team name … because Pocahontas herself is taking a stand, telling TMZ Sports everything about the organization sends a horrible signal, especially, to young women.  

We didn’t hold a seance — the real Pocahontas died in 1617 — but we did talk to Irene Bedard … and the voice of the Native heroine in 2 Disney movies is so pissed about the “Redskins” name, she said using it is like wanting to call yourself the n-word.

Being of Native American decent,  Bedard understands that fans have pride, but says that they’re insulting several hundred nations of people with their logo.


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