ESPN’s Outside the Lines examines the Redskins name (Video)

After watching this piece by ESPN,  I thought it was interesting how many powerful people don’t approve of the Redskins name.

I truly believe that sooner or later the name will be changed.


  • Daniel Stillmunks

    Wouldn’t it be DIFFERENT if the name was a PEJORATIVE or had a ‘secret’ dirty meaning to it??
    Such as: Redskins s#ck.

    I just went to the Stater Bros. grocery store and right there on the top shelf of the freezers was an ice cream bar named: “FAT BOY”. If you don’t believe me use BING or GOOGLE.

    Should I take offense to their little cutesy name because I am a retired nose tackle / back-up fullback?? (I weight 300 pounds.and am on steroids for my cancer.)

    Should I raise H#LL and demand that THEY change the name of their product.?

    ANSWER: NO, don’t like it; don’t buy it. Tuff sh#t.

    Same things to those Politically Correct numb-nutz
    They hike up their proverbial skirt and shriek, “Oh, my God, OH NO! Some one complained! Quick, we’ve got to change our name…”

    Tell the complainers to grow up.
    Or to pound sand.

  • Daniel Stillmunks

    Oh yes, and cuz one powerful guy doesn’t like it–everybody has to jump on the bandwagon and say they dislike it as well.

    Don’t want to be out of step with the head honcho.