ESPN’s Colin Cowherd believes Russell Wilson is a top-5 quarterback

According to Black Sports Online, ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd claimed on his show The Herd that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is a top-five quarterback in the NFL.

I don’t know why I have to wait to say that I think the guy is a top 5-6 Quarterback in the League…He’s Drew Brees, with a better arm and better feet.

People need to realize that Cowherd isn’t an NFL analyst, he’s really a fan that talks on the radio for a few hours to get the best ratings he can.

When it comes to Wilson, he had a great season, but we need to wait a few years before we “crown him.”



  1. says

    Re “Crowning him” before his time? LOL! WHY then doesn’t Robert Griffin the 3rd have to wait to be this ‘numbered’ super-hero that they love to call RG3? What has he won in the NFL? (Not in college ball, please.) Has he won a Superbowl? Our Seahawks rookie, Russell Wilson, is one of the most humble, straight up & realistic players in the NFL & will go far without ‘titles’ or silly number ones in his name. Even without a title to his name, ie RW1, lol, we in Seattle love our team’s QB, & surely he could care less about fancy & unrealistic & UNEARNED titles! So there you have it! Go Hawks!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    couldn’t agree more. wilson has done things that no rookie qb ever has. he will still improve and as sehawks give him more consistent play makers at wide receiver look out. luck had a great rookie season but still threw a ton of picks regardless of no running game or not. rg3 is michael vick the 2nd wont last because he try’s to win with his legs first not arm. russell extends more plays than any qb in the nfl aaron rodgers is next. and wilson studies the game as hard as he plays so he will succeed.

  3. Anonymous says

    Wilson is one of the best quaterbacks this season just based on statistics let alone on wins and losses. He was a better player as seaon progressed. So Jay did you agree or not with Colin?

  4. Anonymous says

    Bernice my sentiments exactlywith one correction. I would say RW3. He is a brady like QB smart and very willing to put in the time to prepare. He is a better QB than the #1, and @2 pick just in leadership alone. It is about the team not himslef. Go Hawks!!!!

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