Eric Wright releases a statement, says he doesn’t have the passion to play

49ers cornerback Eric Wright abruptly retired from the NFL on Tuesday at the age of 28.  He released a statement on his website stated that he lost his passion for the game.

“After seven NFL seasons, I am announcing my retirement from professional football. Playing was the fulfillment of a childhood dream, but as I prepared for the coming season, I realized that I no longer had the same passion I once had for the game. The San Francisco 49ers have given me an amazing opportunity to play for the team I grew up rooting for, and I owe the York family, my coaches, and my teammates tremendous gratitude. I will be forever grateful to all of the franchises I was lucky enough to play for, and look forward to beginning the next phase of my life, and spending more time with my family.”

People don’t realize the toll playing in the NFL takes on a player’s body.  Its truly a grind and it’s a very difficult thing to do if your heart isn’t in it.


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