Eric Decker says Peyton Manning has more “zip” on his passes this year

Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker told the Denver Post that he believes Peyton Manning’s passes have more “zip” on them this year.

“We worked out at Duke in March or April and I definitely felt like he had more zip on the ball,” said Decker. “I think he’s come back stronger, he’s come back with the program that we’ve got — it’s unbelievable the amount of muscle mass and endurance that guys have and the cut-down of injuries that we had last year. I think that’s a compliment to the strength and conditioning staff here and I think Peyton is one of those that took advantage of it and really got himself in good shape and is stronger and healthier this year.”

I believe it only makes sense that Manning is stronger this year compared to last year.  He admitted that he wasn’t 100 percent last season.  Let’s face it, he’ll likelyl never be the player he was before he underwent multiple neck surgeries.  But I’m not surprised he’s stronger now than in 2012.

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