Emmitt Smith doesn’t believe it’s fair to criticize Tony Romo

Former Dallas Cowboys great Emmitt Smith told the Dallas Morning News that he doesn’t believe it’s fair for people to criticize quarterback Tony Romo.

I don’t think any of it is really fair, especially Tony Romo. Tony Romo is playing behind an offensive line that is not that good. They’re not that good. This kid is running for his life. How can a quarterback get into a nice rhythm when he’s dropping back five steps or six steps and has to move around because somebody’s coming off the edge, and then has to circle back and somebody’s coming off the other edge, and then try to go up the middle and the middle’s already collapsed.

Smith makes a fair point, but the offensive line isn’t the reason Romo can’t put together a game-winning drive against the Redskin for a spot in the playoffs.



  1. Luminator says

    Paul, Emmitt Smith is right. Romo is not at fault for the demise in Dallas. If fact, Tony does more for the team with less talent. Putting together a game winning drive takes more than one player to accomplish. Somebody has to block, open holes, rush, get open, throw, and catch. It is a team sport and not the QB alone playing each position. It is irrational or illogical to consistently hear or read articles from uninformed media pundits and fans that give fame or blame solely to the QB for winning or losing in waning moments of critical games. You should say to yourselves, how did the entire team let it get to the last moment? Fans should not vilify or glorify a QB for one play as the signature moment of a career for what happens at the end of a game resulting in winning or losing. What would have happened if Drew Pearson drops the “Hail Mary” pass from Roger Staubach? Everyone should gauge a QB for the totality of the effort of support or compliment of players for making or giving up plays. You totally missed the point that Emmitt Smith brings up because you do not realize how a game unfolds for 60 minutes.

  2. Edward m Fire says

    iam so tierd of the fans blameing romo he is a very good qb it take a team play to gether . so stop puting the blame tony. the rest of the players need to step up to the plate and protect there qb . one they do that then and only then will the cowboys be a team. iam a true fan i do not blame tony i blame the team for not play to gether ?

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