Eli would be excited to have Peyton play in New York

With the recent rumors of quarterback Peyton Manning being a potential option for the New York Jets if he ends up leaving the Colts,  his brother–Giants quarterback Eli Manning has made it clear that he wouldn’t mind sharing the spot light of New York with him.

“It would be fun,” Eli told WEPN-AM on Monday via NFL.com. “We could probably commute to work maybe, and, you know, come home, eat dinner together and have the kids be playing.”

Eli continued,  “Twin beds … we could share notes on opponents and watch some film together.”

Eli doesn’t know if Peyton will end leaving the Colts.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in that situation,” Eli said.  “So, would it be fun? Yeah, I think it would be interesting to have your brother in the same city playing football together. I don’t think we would see each other that often, just ’cause I don’t think our schedules would be a whole lot different, probably just talk on the phone more than see each other during the season, but, you know, it would be interesting.

“I’m not saying it’s gonna happen or I want it to happen, but to have your brother that close to you and playing in New York would be very unique.”