Eli Manning will likely get another mega contract extension this offseason

eli manning

Art Stapleton of the Bergen Record believes the New York Giants will likely hand quarterback Eli Manning another lucrative long-term extension to free up some additional cap room to rebuild the roster around him going into next season.

Unlike in 2011, when Manning had to prove Super Bowl XLII was no fluke, the perception will be different this time around. He is under contract for two more seasons and the Giants still believe Manning is “an ascending player” — how general manager Jerry Reese described him this summer.

It’s one of the reasons the Giants will more than likely be celebrating a new mega-contract for Manning at some point this off-season. The commitment will be made; it’s only a question of when, because an extension represents lucrative security for Manning for the remainder of his NFL career and provides necessary salary-cap freedom in order to rebuild the team around him.

You might think it would be stupid for the Giants to give Eli another big contract, but he deserves it after bringing two Super Bowls Trophies back to New York.  The only other quarterback to win as many Super Bowls is Tom Brady.  Think about that for a minute.

The fact of the matter is that the Giants can’t afford Manning’s contract next season and beyond because his cap number is off the charts.  They could restructure his contract, but that would only hurt their cap down the road and not help them both now and later.  The best move would be to give him one final contract as he tries to one at least one more Super Bowl before his career ends.


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