Eli Manning will likely become the Giants all-time leading passer tonight

eli manning

According to Joe Kania of Giants.com,  Eli Manning will become the New York Giants all-time leading passer if he’s able to throw for at least 214 yards during tonight’s game against the Vikings.

Over 14 seasons, from 1979-1993, Simms compiled 33,462 passing yards, 199 touchdowns and 157 interceptions. Manning, midway through his 10th season as the team’s signal-caller, has thrown for 33,248 yards, 220 touchdowns and 159 interceptions.

Already the team’s all-time leader in passing touchdowns and interceptions, Manning, should he play 14 season as Simms did, is on pace to throw for 46,547 yards, 265 touchdowns and 223 interceptions.

Should he reach those numbers, he would finish his career as the No. 8 quarterback all-time in terms of passing yards, No. 11 in passing touchdowns and No. 16 in interceptions.

As much as people bang on Eli,  he’s the greatest quarterback in Giants history and could arguably be their greatest overall player.



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    i love the giants no matter what eli and the team always make things happen they talk bad about us every year but in the end we always come out on top i would like to see justin tuck step up like he normally does and j pp also victor cruz you are my number 1 player

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