Eli Manning the greatest clutch quarterback in NFL history?

After once again bringing the Giants back in the fourth quarter of last week’s game against the Redskins,  I’m starting to wonder if Eli Manning is the greatest clutch quarterback in NFL history.

Below are how he compares to some current and former NFL quarterbacks.

Current quarterbacks

Peyton Manning 37
Tom Brady 26
Eli Manning 24
Ben Roethlisberger 21
Drew Brees 20
Phillip Rivers 13
Aaron Rodgers 4

Retired quarterbacks

Dan Marino 36
Johnny Unitas 36
John Elway 35
Joe Montana 31
Brett Farve 30
Terry Bradshaw 19
Bart Starr 19
Troy Aikman 16
Roger Staubach 15
Phil Simms 11

Obviously Eli isn’t the all-time leader in fourth quarter comebacks since he only has 24 right now.  But that leaves him 12 behind Dan Marino and 13 behind his brother Peyton.

I’m sure Peyton will put together some more fourth quarter comebacks in his career, but with Eli only being 31 years-old, he’s likely got at least another six years before he retires.  He would have to average over two comebacks a season to pass Marino.  That’s certainly not impossible with the way he’s played this season.

Even if Eli doesn’t finish first in most fourth quarter comebacks, he’ll certainly be high on the list when his career is over.