Eli Manning has some advice for LeBron James

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After experiencing so much criticism leading up to this past season before he won his first and even second Super Bowl,  New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning can relate to the pressure that Miami Heat forward LeBron James has been coping with to win a championship.

“You can see that with LeBron and what’s going on in the NBA Finals, you lose one game, they are all over. They win the second game, everybody loves him,” Manning told ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike”. “Each week, depending (on) every game, you are either the best or you are terrible. It is so extreme. ”

Manning stresses the importance of being ready for each and every game.

“The most important thing you can do is concentrate on being prepared for each game, being mentally strong, having the confidence in yourself that you are going to go out there and make all the plays, and when you are put in that position, you try to do it.”

“Can you do it every time?” Manning asked. “No, it is not going to happen. You are not going to make every single throw and you are not going to hit every shot but you still want to have that confidence and belief that you are going to make every play possible.”

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