Eli Manning on Giants offense: “We have to play better”

On Thursday Giants QB Eli Manning acknowledged concerns about the Giants offense.

“We have to play better,” Manning said. “We have to be better in the red zone and convert on third downs, so there’s some room for improvement.’’-NYPost.com

It might be an understatement that there is room for improvement. In the three preseason games the Giants have played they have been unable to consistently move the ball down the field and have only scored two touchdowns. It is only preseason so it’s not necessarily time to panic but it certainly would be comforting for Giants fans to see some production from the offense when they play the Patriots tonight.


  1. paco martinez says

    Don’t worry about your offense:
    The Pat-RIOTS will probably play that pretty boy, Jesus Freak, choir boy, woosie Tim Te-BLOWS who can’t PASS !!! HA HA HA.
    Imagine a pro QB who can’t PASS !!??
    They won’t score any points!!

    [I did hear that he supposedly needs an MRI on his throwing shoulder: A torn rotator cuff would cause wobbly off target passes]
    But what-ever maybe the Pat-RIOTS can take the money they were supposed to give Aaron “HIT MAN” Hernandez and pay for Tebow’s MRI and arthroscopic surgery:
    WAIT A MINUTE: That ‘injury’ happened while weight lifting and playing for the Jets!! LET the Jets pay.

    oh I almost forgot:

    __urp !!
    That’s for Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez having a brew before the game.
    At least you don’t see Tim Te-Blows running into the ass of his O. Lineman!!

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