Eli Manning doesn’t believe he’ll see Victor Cruz until he gets a new contract

eli manningNew York Giants quarterback Eli Manning doesn’t believe he’ll see wide receiver Victor Cruz until he gets a new contract.

“I have a feeling I’ll see Victor here when the contract’s done,” Manning said today, per the Newark Star-Ledger. “That’s my gut feel, and I could be wrong. If he’s back here earlier, then that will be a bonus.”

Eli was asked if he was referring to a long-term contract.

“I would think so. I think that’s the goal,” Manning replied.

Manning understands what Cruz is doing by not showing up for voluntary workouts.

“He’s got to do what is in the best interests of him, and that’s usually staying away and putting pressure to try to get the deal done,” Manning said.

Manning says he hasn’t spoken with the Giants front office about getting a deal done with Cruz.

“I think they know Victor’s importance, and his play the last two years has shown that,” Manning said.

“I think they want him back, it’s just a matter of finding that line of the worth and dealing with the salary cap and all those issues to get him back at a good price. Hopefully all that gets worked out sooner than later, so he can get here, and we can continue to work and do everything we’ve got to do to have a strong run this year.”