Eli Manning clearly isn’t happy with Nicks and Cruz missing OTA’s

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was hoping that his workouts with both Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks at Duke wouldn’t have been the last time he’s seen them.

“I was just really hoping (the Duke workouts) would be a little starter course to the spring, not a substitute for what we’re doing on the field right now,” Manning said, per the New York Daily News. “This is stuff where we’re getting to go against cornerbacks. You get to work your technique.”

Manning would like to spend time with Cruz and Nicks to help them continue to refine their skills.

“They’ve run these plays hundreds of times before, so they’ll be able to get in the flow of things,” Manning said. “But you’d still like them back here just to work on things that we didn’t do as well last year. They know what they’re doing. It’s just a matter of improving how they’re doing it sometimes.”

This is certainly the business part of the NFL and unlike Manning, both Cruz and Nicks are waiting to get their big contracts.


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