EJ Manuel: I got better every day of OTAs

Buffalo Bills’ rookie quarterback, EJ Manuel, just signed his contract yesterday. The new contract must of given Manuel some confidence as, according to him, he has gotten better every day of OTAs.

I thought I got better every day. That’s the biggest thing for me just continue to develop and get better each day and continue to work hard,” said Manuel. “I feel very comfortable around the coaches, my teammates and the guys on offense as well as defense. I love the competitive nature about the team. It’s a great blueprint that I’m happy to be a part of.”

The Bills look to be having the same thoughts as they released Travaris Jackson last week, which came as a surprise to many whom thought Jackson was going to compete for a starting job. Now it is going to be a two-man battle for the starting spot pitting Kevin Kolb versus Manuel.

In a division that is usually dominated by the New England Patriots and Tom Brady right now, best thing you can do is plan for the future and Manuel is looking to give them a bright one.


  • CF Bona

    If you are going to post, please learn the English language. First: must “have,” not “must of.” Or, it could be “must’ve” the contraction. Second, regarding Tarvaris Jackson, in this instance it is “many who thought” not many whom. Who is the subjective, whom is the objective.