Eddie Lacy believes he can make the Packers running game relevant

eddie lacyThe Green Bay Packers running game has been missing for the past few years.  Rookie  Eddie Lacy is ready to come in and make their running game relevant again.

“I think that I can be that guy,” Lacy said, per the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “I feel that I can fit into the offense perfectly. They won’t have to change anything. I’ll be able to go in there and adapt to it. It’ll keep defenses guessing.”

Lacy says his toe will be fine.

“I’m good until I basically can’t run on it anymore,” Lacy said. “It’s nothing that I’m thinking about. I’m pretty sure I won’t have any problems with it. It’s holding up good. The surgery was basically perfect, and now it’s about getting back to doing what I know how to do best.”


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