Eddie Lacy admits scouts questioned his love for the game of football

eddie lacy



Green Bay Packers rookie running back Eddie Lacy admitted to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that many scouts questioned his love for the game of football.

 They’re skeptical, unsure if this cartoon-loving kid has a deep passion for his profession. To Lacy, football is “the childhood game.” He views it “from a kid’s perspective.”

That spin move? It’s fun. Makes Lacy feel like the Tasmanian Devil. Said Lacy, “You can watch it and be like, ‘Ha ha!'”

“I know a lot of teams questioned how much I love football because I don’t talk about it 24/7,” Lacy says. “But I feel like it’s not how much you know about it or how much you watch it. It’s all about production and obviously up to this point I did what I was supposed to do. You put me on the field and I’ll contribute.”

It’s silly to me for people to question a persons love for football because they don’t always talk about.  Let’s face it, there’s a lot more to life than a game. Lacy learned that living through Hurricane Katrina and he’ll have a shot at proving his love for the game on the field this season.