Ed Reed wants Fireman Ed to come back

Jets safety Ed Reed told reporters today that they need “Fireman Ed” to come back and hype up the crowd.

“That guy with the hard hat on. Is he still here? What’s his name, Fireman Ed?” Reed said. “I need him getting the whole stadium crunked this week.”

Reed clearly didn’t know that Ed retired.

Fortunately for Reed, he wasn’t on the team when Fireman Ed, whose real name is Ed Anzalone, left his post. Back then, losing a superfan was the least of the Jets’ worries, because they were coming off a nationally televised embarrassment against the Patriots that included…the butt fumble. Nine minutes after that fateful occurrence, Fireman Ed packed up his bags and left the stadium, walking out on his team. Coincidentally, that game was one year ago this week.

“He retired? I can’t believe it,” said Reed. “We need to bring him out of retirement.”

I’m sure Jets fans don’t want to see Fireman Ed.

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