Ed Reed: “This is not it. I’m not done.”

After last night’s Super Bowl victory over the 49ers, Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed shouted that he’s not done yet, unlike his teammate Ray Lewis who’ll now ride off into the sunset after a 17-year NFL career.

“This is not it,” Reed shouted, per the Baltimore Sun. “This is not it. I’m not done.”

Reed also said he’s going to reassess things, but now is not the time to make a decision on his future.

“It’s all about right now,” Reed said. “I’ll reassess things the way I always do and we’ll tune in and get back to you all. It’s all about the moment. I’m not even thinking about this. I love this game. If I’m able to do it, I’ll be doing it.”

I think Reed will play another season, but I’m not sure it will be with the Ravens.


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