Ed Reed says lingering hip injury caused by Tom Brady kick

While it’s still uncertain whether Houston Texans new safety Ed Reed will be ready for the team’s season opener against the San Diego Chargers because of his lingering hip injury, the cause of said injury—which led to hip surgery this past offseason—was the direct result of a run-in with a certain quarterback in the 2012 AFC Championship game, so says Reed himself.

In case you might not remember, as the first half wound down during the Ravens-Patriots AFC title game, New England QB Tom Brady scrambled towards the sideline and as he was going down, extended his leg, appearing to karate kick Reed in the process. Brady was fined $10,000 by the league for his transgression, and the Pats would go on to lose to the eventual Super Bowl champs.

Reed addressed the Houston media Tuesday, and that’s when he dropped the big reveal (via Ultimate Texans)…

“Only play I can look at is when I got kicked by a certain quarterback but even then I played in the Super Bowl and you saw what happened there,” Reed said. “Even then I had two MCL sprains, a second degree one in the left in the Super Bowl in the first quarter and played through that. So if you’ve got any questions about my heart and how I play and how I work (that’s your answer).”

I doubt anyone anywhere would ever doubt Ed Reed’s heart and desire to get back on the field for the Houston Texans, however, Reed’s 34-year-old, injury-racked body may have other ideas.

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