Ed Reed a Patriot next season?

With Ed Reed’s contract up after this season in Baltimore, there’s a chance he could head elsewhere in free agency.

Jamison Hensley makes a case for why he could see Reed playing for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots next season.

I can see Reed playing for the New England Patriots for two reasons: the Patriots need a playmaker in the back end of the defense after giving up the most passes over 20 yards in the NFL this season and coach Bill Belichick loves Reed. It’s a full-blown man crush. A couple of years ago, Tom Brady joked that Belichick wanted to adopt Ed Reed and change his name to “Ed Belichick.”

Just listen to how Belichick talks about Reed:

In January 2012, Belichick said Reed “probably covers more field back there as a single safety than most teams can cover with two.” This week, Belichick sounded like he was gushing when talking about Reed’s legacy, saying, “He just does things that nobody else at that position does or I don’t know if they’ve ever done it. He’s special. He’s really special.

I believe if the Ravens and Reed aren’t able to work out an extension, there’s a chance he could end up in New England if he doesn’t follow his buddy Ray Lewis into retirement.

The one thing Reed needs in order to close out his Hall of Fame career is a Super Bowl ring.  Now I know the Patriots haven’t won a title since 2004, but they’re in contention every year.


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