Earl Thomas is taking his barber to the Super Bowl

Photo from Mark Baysinger
Photo from Mark Baysinger

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas is brining his barber and good friend Mark Baysinger, owner of On the Mark barbershop in Kennewick, Washington to the Super Bowl with him.

Baysinger’s relationship with the Seahawks began on Instagram, as first reported by the Tri-Cities Herald. Baysinger reached out to cornerback Brandon Browner when the Seahawks came to the Tri-Cities area in July. Baysinger offered to give Browner a haircut. The Seahawk liked it so much he invited Baysinger to come to Seattle a few weeks later. While there, the barber gave Earl Thomas his first proper haircut after the safety cut his famous dreadlocks.

What’s crazy is that Baysinger’s shop is more than 200 miles away from Seattle.  He started to make a weekly trip to Seattle to give the players hair cuts on Tuesdays.

The one player he’s become really good friends with is Thomas.

“It’s become a close personal relationship,” Baysinger told USA TODAY Sports. “He’s one of the best men I know on and off the field.”

Baysinger will fly to New York on Friday, and plans to be busy leading up to the big game. He regularly cuts anywhere from six to eight players — his clientele includes Bobby Wagner, Cliff Avril, Malcolm Smith and Derrick Coleman — but has given cuts to as many as 15 players in a given week. Baysinger will also be giving cuts to Thomas’ family members, before watching the game from inside MetLife Stadium with a ticket courtesy of the team.

“You’ve got to take care of the family,” Baysinger added. “It’s a business trip.”

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