Earl Thomas: Richard Sherman can talk as much as he wants

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas made an appearance on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk with Erik Kuselias and said that he doesn’t care how much track his teammate Richard Sherman talks.

“We need that,” Thomas said, via ProFootballTalk.com.  “He feeds off his own energy and that’s him as a ballplayer.  You can’t make a guy get outside of his own character.  That’s what so great, we have so many personalities yet we have the same vision and the same goal as far as dominate every chance we get and get where we want at the end of the year.”

Thomas was asked if there is a limit to how much Sherman can talk.

“Not when you’re making plays like that,” Thomas said.  “He can talk all he wants, he’s backing it up.  We’re behind him 100 percent.  There is no one else I would want as teammates other than the two guys we have outside as cornerbacks.”

It’s great to see a player back up what he says off the field with how well he plays each week.


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