Eagles were reportedly ready to replace Vick with RG3 back in April

According to Philly.com, the Philadelphia Eagles were ready to trade up in last April’s draft to be able to acquire Robert Griffin III.  They showed interest in Griffin by meeting with him, but didn’t have the ammunition to pull off the deal.

“I met with the Eagles and coach Reid told me they were very interested in me and you never know what can happen,” Griffin III said. “I really enjoyed my meeting with them. But obviously things didn’t work out and I’m here with the Redskins. I’m proud to be here.”

At the time Griffin thought the Eagles might draft him.

“I think that was the first time that I thought that they were even thinking about drafting me or moving up to pick me,” Griffin III said. “Other than that, I tried to keep an open mind so wherever I went, I’d be happy.”

Of course the Eagles ended up drafting Nick Foles in the third round and he’ll now likely face off against Griffin this week.


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