Eagles reportedly felt Jon Gruden would be too high maintenance

During an appearance on Inside the Locker Room with Rick “Doc” Walker  and Brian Mitchell of ESPN 980, Walker asked Howard Eskin of WIP in Philly why the Eagles never pursued Jon Gruden.

“The Eagles internally felt Jon was too high maintenance.  They looked at the way it ended for him in Tampa…….They thought he’d be too high maintenance,” said Eskin.

Gruden seems like a great guy, but I get the feeling he comes with a lot of baggage.  Most NFL coaches are arrogant and know-it-all’s and I’m sure he’s the same way.



  • http://fiveflix@gmail.com Bird gone South OR north

    The Eagles thought that Jon Gruden would be too high maintenance huh? Well when you dont have a Superbowl ,and havent been close in a long time..whats really important here?
    Sounds like the same ole front office…power struggling to keep their piece of the power. Expect more of the dsame from the Eagles next year! Anyone looking for a defected fan? Im tired of the same stupid moves from the same stupid team!
    Bird gone South OR North?


    SEE YA!!!