Eagles’ players say Andy Reid would of done more about Riley Cooper


The famous anonymous source who’s made their presence known in New York has crept his way over to Philadelphia. Appearntly the undisclosed amount that Riley Cooper was fined for over his racist comments wasn’t enough for some Eagles’ players. They even went as far as saying former head coach Andy Reid would of done more than just fine Cooper.

The majority of them African American – that are having a difficult time  accepting the wide receiver’s apology for using a racial slur, according to team  sources. And there was one prominent Eagle that questioned the punishment –  Cooper was fined — handed down by owner Jeffrey Lurie and new coach Chip Kelly.  “I’ll tell you one thing, if it was Andy Reid, he would have gotten more than a  fine,” the player said on the condition of anonymity.

Another veteran Eagles player said that he could not get past Cooper  using the n-word and that he didn’t think he would ever speak to him again. “The  coaches are saying we should think team first, but this is just crazy,” the  player said. “Was he thinking about the team when he said that?”

There is a really obvious reason why these quotes were off the record. The comments sounds like they are undermining new head coach Chip Kelly by saying the Eagles’ former coach would of done more than the current one.

H/T: Black Spots Online


  1. Anonymous says

    How can a writer/journalist and/or his editor allow a such a grammatically incorrect headline – and again in the article itself – to be posted. It is “would have” done not “would of” done. Learn the English language, please

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