Eagles excuse Riley Cooper from team activities to attend counseling

riley cooper

The Philadelphia Eagles announced today that they’ve excused wide receiver Riley Cooper from team activities to attending counseling after being caught on video saying a racial slur.

We reported earlier today that the Eagles might end up cutting Cooper, but that doesn’t seem to be the case right now.

My guess is the Eagles will see how things go when Cooper returns to he team after his counseling.



  1. says

    He was D-R-U-N-K, had an ‘audience’ and said the N-word ONE g.d. time.
    OK he was WRONG. He was out of line. He was insensitive–which MOST drunkards are.
    He was also Tim Tebow’s roommate at Florida Gators–I’m sure some of Tim’s born-again theology rubbed off on Coop–he’s not perfect; just forgiven.
    YOU MUST for give him. He did it; he’s not denying it and he’s apologizing his butt off.
    Should he meet with the Rev. Jessie Jackson, the Rev. Al Sharpton like “Kramer” star Michael Richards did after his tirade of N-words 20 to 30 times.?? He even included a remark about them ‘hanging from trees’– I don’t know whether he meant “lynched” or still apes aka “Neanderthals.”
    FORGIVE Cooper and you show you are a better man
    He would eat those words if he could. But it’s called ‘ringing the bell’ and once it’s rung it cannot be un-rung.

    There was a good article, by Cris Carter, whose always been a classy guy and people RESPECT what he has to say.
    I was best man at my law professor’s wedding; Hans & I were white. The bride and all her family were black–no problem with that.
    My pharmacist store manager Mr. Burress, a black man, & I talk about a lot of stuff:
    One afternoon, Mel Brooks “Blazing Saddles” subject came up: the scene where the black sheriff comes out and says “Hey, where are the white women at?”
    We both laughed and remember now….script was written by a Jew, Mel Brooks.

    Finally, the African-Americans in my town, who I am sure “hate” the N-word…..listen to rap / hip-hop “music” and gangsta rap. Those ‘music’ pieces of ‘art’ use the B-word, the N-word and the F-bomb…. you can hear it from the g.d. vehicle 200 feet away.!!!

    SO, I would have a meeting and ask the guys with a big hard on for Cooper; why is it OK to listen to crude, racist ‘rap’ music?? Is the N-word only OK if it has a drum beat with it.??

    Something to think about before everybody gets their pride up and all that.
    We, the American public, will be listening and watching.
    Amen, my Brother.!!

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