E.J. Manuel not sure if he will have knee surgery

This season Bills QB E.J. Manuel missed time and didn’t play at 100% due to LCL injuries in both knees. Manuel is now contemplating having an optional surgery on his left knee.

Doctors have told Manuel that he can have surgery to repair the injury, but that it isn’t required. If he does have the surgery, Manuel is expected to be ready in plenty of time for the team’s offseason program and he said that he’ll also be doing work this offseason in hopes of avoiding future LCL injuries after dealing with them in both knees this year.

“Just physical therapy, just strengthening things up and the things I was doing the past two weeks when I wasn’t playing, the same things and just sticking with it,” Manuel said, via the team’s website. “When I had the right LCL it was the same thing, now that one feels fine. Now I have it on the left again and I have to go through the same process as far as getting the strength back up.”-ProFootballTalk.com

It is important for young QBs to miss as little time as possible to develop. If the surgery will allow Manuel to miss as little time as possible he should opt for that option.