E.J. Manuel continuing to struggle at Bills camp

According to Joe Buscaglia of WGR 550 in Buffalo,  Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel continued to struggled on Wednesday. 

The same EJ Manuel that was seen during Tuesday’s practice reappeared on Wednesday. For the second straight day, Manuel was apprehensive, indecisive and mostly inaccurate. His most common course of action on any given play was to look for his first read to be open, pat the ball in the pocket and either take a sack or throw an inaccurate pass. The inconsistency in going through his progressions has to be the most maddening part for the coaching staff. If the light goes on, Manuel could be a different quarterback and find more comfort and poise in the pocket. On Wednedsay Jeff Tuel was throwing the ball a bit crisper and was going through his progressions, but don’t read anything into that fact. The Bills won’t even consider benching Manuel in the early going, no matter how Tuel looks throughout training camp and the preseason.

The Bills have to roll with Manuel as their starter after drafting him in the first round last year.  All they can do is hope be gets better.


  1. Mad Dee says

    All I can say is that the longer the Bills continue to stick with the idea that they can’t give up on EJ, because he was a first round pick. It will give the real QB, that will lead this team, more time to practice to be even sharper when he makes his franchise QB start. Tuel will prove to be a hidden jem and help take the sting out of yet another first round flop when he shines in the playoffs.

  2. Susie Roaldi says

    We need to contact N.E. and see what it will take to trade for Mallet. We have all the talent and tools to win now except for Q.B. It burns me that we traded UP to get T.J. Grahm but never drafted a Q.B.We need to prepare to move on now. He is terrible.

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