Drunk Jets fan tells Geno Smith to blow out his knee (Video

WARNING Explicit Language.

And here is your typical drunk Jets fan. Enjoy.

[ The Big Lead ]


  1. says

    You can’t blame the fan. Geno Smith is a worthless sack of poop. He’s football IQ is below College football standards. How can i make it clear, Geno Smith will never ever be a starting QB in the NFL. His pocket presence is absolutely infantile. He has no clue where the pressure is coming from and he can’t read defenses to save his life. His progression from the first receiver to the next is not good enough to make plays. He should try playing another position because QB is not it, i can tell that much. I don’t even think Sanchez was as bad as Geno is today. Rex is going to get canned because of Geno just like Shotty got canned because of Sanchez. Damn it to hell. I am not watching football as long Geno is the QB. The hell with this offense and the QB.

  2. KariK says

    …and obviously you shouldn’t watch then…and this ‘fan’ (using that term very loosely) shouldn’t go to anymore football games – or possibly out in public at all. That’s ridiculous. Being a Jets fan – i understand the turmoil, but really?!

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