Driver of car admits gun was his, not Mike Goodson’s

According to Mike Garafolo of USA TODAY Sports, the lawyer of Jets running back Mike Goodson is claiming that Garant Evans has told New Jersey police that the gun that was found in their car the night they were arrested was his firearm.

The attorney for New York Jets running back Mike Goodson told USA TODAY Sports on Friday the discovery he received on his client’s case from New Jersey State Police revealed Garant Evans, the driver of the car when both were arrested, has claimed ownership of the gun that was found.


Goodson and Evans both were charged with possession of a firearm and hollow-point bullets, as well as possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.


Goodson’s attorney, Anthony Fusco, said Friday the reports he received indicated Evans told police the 45-caliber Taurus Millennium handgun was his when he was questioned at the Netcong, N.J., State Police station immediately following the arrest.


The unlawful possession of a handgun charge, a third-degree offense, carries a minimum three years in prison if convicted.


If gun charges against Goodson are dropped, his chances of sticking with the Jets drastically improve.

If this is in fact true, Goodson’s NFL career should be just fine.  Hopefully he’s learned that he needs to be careful of who he associates himself with.



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