Drew Rosenhaus: Gronk’s back surgery isn’t serious

NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus was on WQAM and indicated that Rob Gronkowski’s upcoming back surgery is “preventative maintenance” and said its like “killing two birds with one stone.”

“In Rob’s case, it’s not a serious back surgery, it’s unrelated to the original surgery that he had as a junior in college,” said Rosenahus, per ESPNBoston.com. “That’s totally [fine] and recovered perfectly. This is a new injury and it’s minor; it’s not as significant.

“It’s certainly, as I said, the recovery time will be consistent with the recovery time that he’s going to be out anyway, so I don’t think it’s a big deal. … Although he needs it, he had it for a while and he’s been able to function.”

Rosenhaus is also optimistic about his client’s health after Gronk’s latest forearm surgery.

“Bottom line is, Rob had a successful forearm operation last month, I was there in Boston with him, everything went very well; he’s [doing] great,” he said. “He’s doing so well now [that] he can afford to get back surgery. This is a lingering problem that Rob’s been playing with, actually through all of last season and now that he’s out with the arm for a set period of time, it’s something that he eventually would have to do, and the recovery will be very comparable to the amount of time he would have missed with the arm surgery, so why not get it done now and make sure when he is healthy he’s 100 percent and he doesn’t have to address the back down the road. I used the cliche ‘we’re killing two birds with one stone’ by getting the back surgery when he’s out and recovering with his arm, because he really can’t do much right now anyway.”

I’ve never in my life heard of a back surgery being minor. Either Rosenhaus is in denial or very naive.  It’s good that Gronkowski’s upcoming surgery isn’t linked to the one in 2009, but he clearly has back problems and they’re not just going to disappear overnight.