Drew Rosenhaus blasts DeSean Jackson in legal documents

NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus and Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson have been going back and forth through the legal system and this time Rosenhaus is firing back at the star receiver, according to TMZ.

DeSean Jackson is a cry-baby and a loser … who can’t accept the fact he lost a legal war with his ex-agent … so says that ex-agent Drew Rosenhaus who’s blasting the WR in new legal docs.

Jackson recently filed court documents in an effort to overturn an arbitration ruling that demands he pay back Rosenhaus $500,000 in unpaid loans.

In the docs, Jackson argued the arbitrator’s ruling should be rendered invalid because the arbitrator had a bias in favor of Rosenhaus … and therefore, he shouldn’t have to fork over a single cent. 

Now, Rosenhaus is firing back in legal docs of his own … saying Jackson is wasting everyone’s time, since Jackson and Rosenhaus had AGREED to abide by the arbitrator’s ruling before the arbitration hearing ever began.  

Drew claims DeSean filed his “scandalous” lawsuit to smear Drew’s name in the media — and wants a judge to hit the Redskins star with a $50,000 fine to “discourage such baseless litigation” in the future. 

It sounds like Jackson is fighting a battle that he doesn’t have a shot at winning.