Drew Pearson rips the Dez Bryant rules


Former Dallas Cowboys great Drew Pearson is not a fan of the new rules that have been set for wide receiver Dez Bryant.

“I don’t think this situation is a good situation as far as Dez is concerned,” Pearson told the G-Bag Nation show on 105.3 The Fan KRLD-FM per the Dallas Morning News. “I don’t like it. It’s a grown man. He’s 23-years-old. A grown man has to be restricted and told what to do? You’re supposed to be a professional.

“You’re playing in a multi-billion dollar industry, for one of the most recognized sports franchises in the world, and you can’t be a man and be mature enough to handle that yourself? You have to be told when to be in. You have to have people go with you. You have to have people drive you to practice and make sure you’re in the right place at the right time.

“The thing about that, that might help Dez right now as far as getting him and what the Cowboys need from him and keeping him out of trouble, but as soon as the Cowboys are done with him or the NFL is done with him, all these things that they’re doing for Dez right now are not going to help him in life after football. And that’s my biggest concern.”

I think it’s very sad that Bryant has to live a restricted life like this, but the problem is that the Cowboys have invested a lot of time and money with him and they can’t afford to let it all waste away.