Drew Brees was asked if he trusts Roger Goodell

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees said last week that NFL players don’t trust NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.  He sat down with Marshall Faulk of the NFL Network and was asked if he trusts Goodell.

“Do I trust the Commissioner?” Brees said.  “I think that Commissioner Goodell has done a lot of great things for this league.  It just happens to be that, in this instance, with the bounty, I think that the league and he have gotten this one wrong.  And we all have the opportunity to re-evaluate this and make it right, come to a positive resolution and do it together.  And be very open and transparent about it.”

Brees says the Saints aren’t the type of team that would have a bounty program.

“The most disturbing thing is the process, the process by which this whole thing was unveiled,” Brees said.  “The intentions were never made clear from the very beginning.  I think coaches and players alike were kind of brought in to talk to the Commissioner and the league under false pretenses, and all of a sudden it’s just like a media firestorm and evidence and things are getting leaked to the media, things are being reported that are proven to be untrue in a lot of cases.  And yet it’s out there.  The perception has been created nationally for fans and all those that love our game that there was something illegal going on here.  And that’s everything against what we stand for.  And that’s why we fought so vehemently to prove that’s not the case.”

“The fact of the matter is are the allegations true or not?” Brees said.  “Are there facts and proof in evidence to back that up, besides just supposed, corroborated evidence between disgruntled employees?  Has there been anything concrete that you can show that this indeed happened?   To this point nobody’s seen anything.  We’ve been told — everyone’s been told that it’s there.  Nobody’s seen it.  So it would just make you think maybe there’s not.  And all I’m saying is we have an opportunity to make it right.  The season’s almost here, there’s a lot at stake.  I just hope that that can be accomplished.”

Brees is right, the NFL does need some more concrete evidence and maybe some will come out in court, or maybe it won’t.  All we can do is wait for the truth to come out.

Thanks to ProFootballTalk.com for the quotes.