Drew Brees says the NFL is abusing it’s power

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Bress told Time magazine that it seems like the NFL has abused it’s power in many ways when it comes to the bounty scandal.

“Yeah, it is. Just the fact that, these unilateral decisions can be made without any kind of oversight, just seems like there’s — and I’m not talking about the decisions that are made when a guy gets a DUI, or when a guy gets a weapons charge, or gets caught making bad decision in that regard. You know, it seems like there’s just this abuse of power in a lot of ways when it comes to things like certainly the bounty allegations and accusations,” said Brees.

Right now it doesn’t look like the players that are involved in the bounty scandal have any way of fighting back because everything they do get’s shot down by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

The only thing the players can try to do is prove that the CBA is unconstitutional to the United States judicial system, but that will be very hard to do.


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