Drew Brees says his $3 tip was for a take out order

drew brees

Earlier this week we reported that Saints quarterback Drew Brees left a $3 tip for a $74 order.

Brees cleared the air and made it clear with his tweet below that the tip was for a take out order.

What’s really funny about this story is that Brees is actually really generous for tipping on a take out order.  No one really does that.  I know I don’t.




  1. Anonymous says

    Its cause you are a cheap mother fucker. The take out people make the same hourly as servers and bartenders and they work way harder!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Bullshit they do, everywhere I have worked that has takeout had the hostess staff or kitchen staff bagging and boxing the food and they are all hourly well above min wage and used to get tipped out by the servers at the end of the night as well.

  3. Anonymous says

    As I CURRENTLY work in a place that is eat in and take out our bartenders or wait staff bag it up, and also remember who tips and who does not.
    Three dollars on 74.00 is pretty slim and I don’t understand why he didn’t make it a round 80.00.
    I tip better and make a significant amount less than he does.

  4. Anonymous says

    Everybody expects a tip nowadays. Tipping over 10% on take-out is stupid. Refill some drinks, act friendly, and *anticipate* needs (not just do what is asked) over a 30-45 minute 3 course meal and then you deserve a tip. Take-out people are nothing more than glorified expos that box up food and put it in a bag. That takes 5 minutes. Brees’s tip was just fine. As others said, most take-out workers get more than server wage.

  5. Anonymous says

    A tip on a takeout is not expected and should not be, however if one is received in ANY amount certainly is a bonus. BTW who the hell tips a drive through ???? WTF

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